strange dream

April 25, 2008

I dreamed I was on the road to ***** again. This time met some friends on the roadside and decided to play some cards. A guy knocked on the door. After long time pondering we decided to open the door for him. Some conversation of a group member of us with the guy outside, whose face was not shown. It was then we heard that the room we stayed were full of rats. Something suspicious was going on. Something related to some dog. Then I saw a dog sneak in through the lower corner of the open door. When I tried to catch sight of it again it got lost. Everybody tried to see where the dog went. The dog kept running into some hidden corner of the room, which we have no idea bout. I felt very uncomfortable and told everybody else so. I suggested we leave this place as soon as possible. Everybody agreed. We left the room and it was already dark, and raining, outside. There was about 200 miles drive to *****, so I asked if somebody would like to ride with me. An old acquaintance of mine, a girl, volunteered. I was surprised since I thought we were not friends any more. I found it hard to find the road since the rain was so pouring onto the road that there is no road marks to be seen. I managed to keep myself on the road anyway, magically. But tragedy was after a while we landed in a place like an apartment complex: a wrong way. I had to stop the car and try to figure out the right way to go back. I asked many people around here, since the rain just stopped and people were outside. They just stared at me, barely giving me an answer “I don’t know” or shaking their heads. I had to keep trying since I had no idea where I was. The map from AAA was not a bit helpful for my endevour. Finally a young guy, a regularly looking those kind of intelligent American youth, told me I was on exactly the opposite side of where I was supposed to go. The idea was that I should have made a left instead of a right one when just setting up from that room we stayed. It was not easy to get back, but at least I knew where I should go. It then occurred to me strange that I didn’t even check the direction with others when leaving that room. I thought I was a careful person in general, especially when coming to such details of driving directions.. I tried to think back and fix my mistake by making a following-a-car plan with one of other cars. It was the last period of my dream, when I tried to recalculate the possibility of getting lost if I had planned to follow another car whose driver knew where he/she was heading towards…

After all, it was not a nightmare. But I felt strangely bad after waking up from this dream, even worse than last time after dreaming of many snakes. Probably my back pain is part of the reason, which is still there, after 3 full days struggling with it. Also my spirit is low, for some reason that I felt hopeless seeing any positive things in the world surrounding me.


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