Some books on psychiatry in China

October 24, 2012

Kleinman, Arthur: Deep China: The Moral Life of the Person, What Anthropology and Psychiatry Tell Us about China Today

Incayawar, Mario: Psychiatrists and Traditional Healers: Unwitting Partners in Global Mental Health

Ramsay, Guy: Shaping Minds: A Discourse Analysis of Chinese-Language Community Mental Health Literature

Martha Livingston: The Minds of the Chinese People: Mental Health in New China

Wen-Shing Tseng, David Y.H. Wu: Chinese Culture And Mental Health

Veronica Pearson: Mental Health Care in China: State Policies, Professional Services and Family Responsibilities

Peggy Simpson: Family-Based Mental Health Care in Rural China

Kam-shing Yip: Mental Health Service In The People’s Republic Of China: Current Status And Future Developments

Tsung-yi Lin: Mental Health Planning For One Billion People: A Chinese Perspective

John J. Kao: Three Millennia Of Chinese Psychiatry

Hugh L. Shapiro: The view from a Chinese asylum: defining madness in 1930s Peking

Wai-On Phoon and Ian Macindoe: Untangling the threads: perspectives on mental health in Chinese communities


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